S3DMap: A Visual Approach to Prefix-level Cost Optimization
Dor Azouri
June 10, 2024

Platform engineers juggle plenty of priorities, most of which fall within three categories: Performance, Security, and Cost. In my most recent talk at PlatformCon, I dig into the “cost” category, specifically looking at S3 buckets storage and the opportunity to optimize Amazon S3 storage with a prefix-oriented methodology. 

How to Manage S3 Storage 

S3 is an object storage service that offers high-grade scalability, data availability, security, performance and durability. It is, quite frankly, the most popular and extensive objects storage solution. Yet many teams often create generalized buckets that lack a definitive purpose. 

An ideal use of S3 storage is to create designated buckets that have a well-defined purpose. While this may be hard to achieve in already existing cloud environments, Prefix Oriented Object Management (POOM) comes in as a remedy to organize data in a more effective way. In this video, I introduce an advanced, prefix-oriented methodology (and a GIS-like tool) for optimizing Amazon S3 storage – a step forward from traditional bucket-oriented approaches.

To access the full presentation deck, download the slides here →

The new, open-source tool — the S3DMap — leverages an advanced, prefix-oriented methodology to create a visual map for your bucket storage. Watch my talk to learn more about the importance of a detailed prefix-level analysis to reduce S3 costs, and how to gain a more granular and effective optimization of S3 storage and usage when focusing on prefixes rather than entire buckets.

Give S3DMap a try, now available as an open-source tool on GitHub.

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