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What We Do
The typical cloud operates at just 66% efficiency. We can do better.

PointFive enables continuous cloud cost efficiency through deeper detection and collaborative remediation tools that integrate seamlessly with teams’ natural workflows.

Our unique DeepWaste™ detection & monitoring technology dives deep to expose typically overlooked cloud inefficiencies. PointFive’s powerful remediation suite adds rich context to system insights, enabling rapid, seamless action - transforming every engineer into a champion of cloud efficiency.

Our Mission

PointFive cultivates organizational healthiness and sustainability by making cloud cost efficiency a core principle. We build best-in-class detection and remediation technologies that empower teams to derive maximum value from their cloud environments, building a new culture of efficiency that fosters innovation.

PointFive’s Five Points

Our purpose is to unlock the cloud, enabling organizations to enjoy peak efficiency with minimal effort. Our work is guided by five principles that ensure our steadfast focus on total cloud optimization. We call them PointFive’s Five Points:
We Go Deeper
Our technology dives deeper than any other, uncovering entrenched inefficiencies and savings opportunities within cloud environments.

Our Analysis Drives Action
We streamline the journey from insight to implementation, providing actionable recommendations and customizable dashboards that enable smarter, swifter decision-making.
Nurture Engineer Efficiency
Seamless attribution and delegation technology integrates with existing team workflows to instill engineers with a sense of proactive ownership and eager accountability.
Small Details, Big Picture
We provide a comprehensive context graph to ensure every detail is seen within the broader environment, highlighting interconnected impacts and aligning with strategic goals.
Collaboration is Key
We bridge FinOps teams and engineers, blending expertise to ensure informed decisions are aligned with collective goals to enhance cloud management efficacy.

Our Team

PointFive was established by the founders of IntSights, a cybersecurity startup acquired by Rapid7 in 2021 for $350M. Backed by top industry investors, the company's team comprises leading tech and business experts with unmatched cloud expertise.
Alon Arvatz
Co-founder & CEO
Gal Ben David
Co-founder & CPO
Amir Hozez
Co-founder & CTO
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