Introducing PointFive: The New Leader in Cloud Efficiency
Alon Arvatz
June 18, 2024

Today, we announced that PointFive has emerged from stealth.

Over the past decade of working together, Gal Ben David, Amir Hozez, and I witnessed firsthand the pressing need for organizations to effectively manage cloud costs.

When we transitioned our cloud operations from our previous company, IntSights, to Rapid7, we quickly saw cloud costs lacked optimization and became unwieldy — but we didn’t have the right tools to effectively address the issue.

We saw an opportunity to make a change, so we set out to redefine cloud cost efficiency in engineering. 

PointFive is the result.

Over the past year and a half, we worked to create a product focused entirely on providing enterprises with the ability to reduce and mitigate the costly, significant, and often overlooked problem of cloud cost inefficiency.

But PointFive is not only about reducing costs. PointFive is leading a cultural shift for engineers to see efficiency as a key part of “good engineering”. This core principle provides focus and creates a space for innovation and growth.

PointFive is all about empowering engineers to embrace that efficiency on a deeper level to promote innovation and growth.

Our end-to-end platform and proprietary DeepWaste™ detection technology transforms comprehensive analysis into actionable insights. These insights offer cost-savings opportunities that businesses can’t afford to overlook. It’s actually where our name comes from; our vision is to help customers save 50% — or point five  — of their cloud costs.

PointFive is about more than saving money. We believe that greater cloud efficiency ensures engineering and FinOps teams better align with broader organizational and sustainability goals.

This means stronger cross-company collaboration that fosters innovation and growth. Operational and financial optimization an imperative in today’s economic climate. Companies can’t afford to miss opportunities to better allocate both time and monetary resources.

Proactive approaches to cloud cost efficiency are critical in creating the long-term resilience and adaptability businesses need to survive and thrive. 

PointFive makes that possible — and today is just the beginning.

We're excited for you to see everything we can do. Stay tuned.

Alon Arvatz

CEO & Co-Founder, PointFive

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