Efficiency and Cost Savings: Diving Deeper into Cloud Cost Optimization
PointFive Team
February 1, 2024

In today's business landscape, cost optimization has become a top priority due to the increasing demand for cloud services. Cloud cost optimization is the process of minimizing expenses while maximizing the value derived from cloud resources.

At PointFive, we recognize the importance of this process and are dedicated to supporting our customers with comprehensive and actionable optimization strategies that foster a culture of continuous cost efficiency.

As we stay abreast of industry trends, we've observed significant advancements by cloud service providers in overall cloud management and cost awareness.

Here are some of the latest news:

AWS Is Adding a New Fee for Addresses in the Public Internet

To help promote cloud cost optimization, Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in cloud services  declared that as of February 1, 2024, there would be an additional fee for public IPv4 addresses

This modification results from the increasing shortage of IPv4 addresses and the growing expense of obtaining them.

All public IPv4 addresses, whether linked to a service or not, will be subject to a new price of $0.005 per IP each hour. To modernize and conserve resources, AWS believes this action will incentivize users to use public IPv4 addresses more sparingly and to consider moving more quickly to embrace IPv6. 

This new fee applies to all AWS services across all AWS regions (commercial, AWS China, and GovCloud), including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) database instances, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) nodes, and other AWS services that can allocate and attach a public IPv4 address. 

See below for a breakdown of the new prices:

Public IP address Type

Current Price/Hour

New Price/Hour

In-use Public IPv4 address assigned to resources in your VPC No charge $0.005
Additional (secondary) Elastic IP Address on a running EC2 instance $0.005 $0.005
Idle Elastic IP Address in account $0.005 $0.005

Through this fee, AWS intends to encourage cost-consciousness and the effective use of IPv4 resources.

AWS also introduced a new service called Public IP Insights, which allows users more control and transparency over how they use their public IPv4 addresses. This free functionality included in the Amazon VPC IP Address Manager enables users to track, examine, and audit their use of public IPv4 addresses. 

Using the obtained Public IP data, users can better understand their security profile and optimize resource allocation by gaining valuable information about their public IP types and Elastic IP (EIP) usage. In tandem with the new fee, Public IP Insights better equips users to rectify and mitigate wasteful, unnecessary IPv4-related expenses.

Amazon EKS Extends Support for Kubernetes Versions

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) debuted Extended Support for Kubernetes Versions.This capability, which is currently available in preview, offers users a Kubernetes version for up to 26 months after it becomes generally available from Amazon EKS.

Historically, EKS adherence to the Kubernetes project release cycle means they offer standard support for every minor version over the first 14 months following its release to the general public. 

But with Extended Support, every Kubernetes minor release now comes with an extra 12 months of support, totaling 26 months. To maintain the stability and security of customers' Kubernetes deployments, Amazon EKS will continue to release security patches for the Kubernetes control plane throughout the extended support term.

This extended support for Kubernetes versions gives businesses more options for managing their installations. Enterprises can optimize resource allocation and minimize disruptions by planning and executing upgrade processes more effectively, allowing for extended utilization of specific Kubernetes versions.

Cloud Cost Optimization Ensures Better Business

Organizations must stay current with the newest technologies and best practices in cloud cost optimization to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the cloud. With Public IP Insights tools, enterprises can thoroughly comprehend their Elastic IP usage and public IP types to  improve their security profile and optimize resource allocation.

Thanks to Amazon EKS's improved support for Kubernetes versions, businesses also have more flexibility and stability in managing their Kubernetes environments.

The path to cloud cost optimization is still evolving, and companies must change. By adopting the most recent advancements in public IPv4 address management and expanding support for Kubernetes versions, companies have the opportunity to set the stage for more efficient, reliable, and economical cloud deployments. 

Learn how PointFive can help organizations confidently traverse these advances and maximize cloud efficiencies.

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